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Early Music Vancouver is most grateful to all those who support us, and who have supported us in the past. Individual donations are a major part of our annual revenues. The level of community support demonstrated through individual support to the organisation is also a signicant factor in the evaluation process of government granting agencies.

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All donations are tax-deductible, and a formal receipt for income tax purposes will be issued. Donations will also be acknowledged in our concert programmes – unless you have indicated that you wish your contribution to remain anonymous.


Corporate Opportunities

You can be in good company too! EMV’s corporate sponsors give back to their community through the support of our performances and education and outreach programmes. Their efforts make a meaningful difference for concert-goers and musicians alike. Our wide range of activities offers unique sponsorship opportunities for both large and small companies to support us while also reaching their corporate goals.


Endowment Fund

A contribution to our Endowment Fund will help secure our ongoing financial stability in perpetuity. The interest generated by this Fund, which currently stands at ca $630,000, will generate interest to support our annual activities.


Gifts of Securities

EMV are also able to accept Gifts of Securities. This is a wonderful way to support our various programmes and increase your tax savings at the same time. The benefit of donating shares is that no capital gains are incurred. An official tax receipt is issued for the full value of the securities.


Legacy Gifts

Leave a legacy! Help us give the gift of Early Music to future Generations. You can assure the continued health and vibrancy of EMV through one of the most tools in your possession – your estate plan. Legacy gifts are an expression of your values, wishes and hopes for the future.



The health of any non-profit organisation relies on the support of an enthusiastic body of volunteers. Early Music Vancouver offers many opportunities for those who are willing to get involved.


Host an EMV Musician

Do you have a guest room that often sits empty? Do you enjoy well-educated, articulate house guests from across the country and the world? Do you like Classical music? Would you like to get the ‘inside scoop’ about performing from a professional musician? If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then we invite you to consider joining the growing number of EMV supporters who house visiting guest musicians.

EMV brings the lower mainland the highest level of music-making, and increasingly, we are producing these concerts here in Vancouver using musicians from all over our region. You can help us enormously by hosting a visiting musician in your home. The only requirement is a private room for the musician to sleep in (a private bathroom is a bonus but not a necessity).

If you are interested in possibly joining the hosting program, we ask you to take a brief on-line survey that will help us place appropriate musicians with you. In the fall, winter and spring we will email a list of dates for the next few months, and the hosts will indicate which dates they might be available. As we approach each concert series, we will get in touch with the hosts who previously indicated their availability and ask if their schedule still permits hosting. If for any reason it is not convenient, it is just fine for you to tell us “not this time.” We promise we will keep asking!

We ask only that you provide a place to sleep; some hosts also offer breakfast, but the guest musicians know this is not a requirement. Use of the kitchen and a little fridge space can also be a great help to the musicians, but is also not necessary. Hosts do not need to provide transportation, and if you live in an outlying area, the musician we place with you will definitely have a car or will have rides to/from other musicians in the area.

Lengths of stay vary from 1 night to 5 nights (the average is about 3 nights) – the host tells us what they are comfortable with, and we place musicians with them accordingly. Some hosts ‘test the waters’ by just hosting one or two nights to see how they like the experience. Usually once they get to know the musician, they extend the stay in future trips.

After the stay, we will be in touch to thank you and ask if you have any feedback – we definitely want to make sure the musician was both a good guest and a good fit for the host; if not, we will make note of it and not place that musician with that host (or perhaps not at all!) again. We try to get to know our hosts so that we can make good musician matches.

A wonderful aspect of this program is that it lets you get to know our guest musicians, some of whom come from all over the world. One of our hosts has said, “I love all the musicians you send me – they are all intelligent, well-spoken, wonderful people who are a delight to have in the home.” Lasting friendships have developed quickly in many instances and ultimately, both audience and musicians enjoy the music more when we have personal connections with those on the ‘other side’ of the podium.

For more information, and any questions please contact us at:
604.732.1610 extension 2004

Fill out our EMV HOUSING SURVEY (online form), to be entered into our database for host families!



EMV Housing Survey

Thank you for your interest in the EMV Host-a-Musician program. Please take a moment to tell us about yourself and your accommodations and guest preferences. Your answers will be used to help match you with suitable musician guests, but for any ‘out of the norm’ situations (i.e., couples, children, etc.). We will check with you to make sure you are comfortable with the situation before placing a musician with you.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Alicia Hansen
Production manager, Early Music Vancouver
604.732.1610 extension 2004

Please complete the information below to be entered into our database of host families.

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Donate Airmiles

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