Endowment Fund

It takes a visionary to appreciate the delicate balance between providing for an organisation’s immediate needs and securing its long-term sustainability. Through your support of Early Music Vancouver’s Endowment Fund you can help us strike a balance between funding current projects and planning, with confidence, for the future.

We are delighted to inform you that the endowment fund matching program offered by the Department of Canadian Heritage is available again this year. Under this program, Early Music Vancouver can receive up to one dollar for each raised before December 1, 2017. Since the fund’s inception in 2004, EMV donors have collectively invested approximately $800,000. With the support of government matching grants, our Endowment Fund now stands at over $1,600,000! Last year alone, EMV received close to $60,000 in income from this Fund that helped us realize concerts and events that touched over 14,000 people.

Your investment in EMV has helped us become one of the most well respected and financially stable classical music presenters in North America. The dividends are yours to see and hear. We ask you to consider making an Endowment Fund donation this year and contribute to both our financial stability as well as our ability to programme creatively.

Please contact our business manager, Nathan Lorch, for more information: nathan@earlymusic.bc.ca

Thank you!