Over the years EMV has collected a valuable collection of unique historical instruments. This collection benefits many musicians and established cultural institutions in our region, and allows EMV to produce concerts of seldom-heard repertoire that requires specialized instruments. The most recent acquisitions to this collection are a splendid set of baroque timpani that received their debut at our gala performance of Handel’s “Israel in Egypt” on August 7th, 2014. A complete list of our collection will be posted here soon.


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GROUP A: For organisations with a budget of $800,000 or more
GROUP B: For organisations with a budget of $400,000 – $800,000
GROUP C: For organisations with a budget of less than $400,000

GROUP A, Initial
GROUP A, Additional
GROUP B, Initial
GROUP B, Additional
GROUP C, Initial
GROUP C, Additional
CHAMBER ORGANlives at UBC music, room 408392, 415, 440 or 460 (transp)Peformance or Recording, per 4-hour session$350$300$325$280$300$255
Rehearsal, per 4-hour session $175$150$165$140$150$130
*Discounted RatePerformance or Recording, per 4-hour session$263$225$244$210$225$191First use by an organisation: 25% discount
*Discounted RateRehearsal, per 4-hour session$131$113$124$105$112$98First use by an organisation: 25% discount
FRENCH DOUBLE-MANUAL HARPSICHORDlives at UBC, Old Aud, room OA304392, 415 or 440 (transp)Performance or Recording, per 4-hour session$250$200$225$180$200$160
Rehearsal, per 4-hour session$125$100$115$90$100$80
LARGE ITALIAN SINGLE-MANUAL HARPSICHORDlives at Hodson425 or 440 (transp)Performance or Recording, per 4-hour session$200$160$175$140$150$120transposing block
Rehearsal, per 4-hour session$100$80$90$70$75$60
SMALL ITALIAN SINGLE-MANUAL HARPSICHORD lives at Jose's house415 or 440 (transp)Performance or Recording, per 4-hour session$200$160$175$140$150$120"Short Octave" instrument, after 17th-C models
Rehearsal, per 4-hour session$100$80$90$70$75$60
FLEMISH SINGLE HARPSICHORDlives at Hodson415 or 440 (transp)Performance or Recording, per 4-hour session$150$120$150$120$100$80transposing block
Rehearsal, per 4-hour session$75$60$75$60$50$40

GST applies. Not included are cartage and tunings. For organ tunings we suggest Ray Nurse (604-255-1874) or Marianne Huestis (604-946-3952). Please specify pitch requirements when phoning about tunings. Weekly or monthly rental arrangements are also available. Contact our office for details.


The instruments are insured during use and cartage, within the province of BC. They are not allowed to stay in a vehicle overnight. In case of an insurance claim, renters are responsible for the deductible of Cdn $1,000.


Period keyboard instruments in and around Vancouver (scroll horizontally to see all details).

HARPSICHORDEMVFrench8' 8' 4'Doubleafter TaskinF1-F6392-415-440 transposition blocksUBC Old Aud room 304With a buff stop and coupler
HARPSICHORDEMVItalian (large)8' 8' (brass)SingleEdward R. Turner 1977G1-C6415/440Hodson415 position better-regulated than 440
ORGANEMV8' (bass) 8' (treble) 4'/2'/SesquialteraSingle (??)Helmuth Wolff 2001C2-E6392/415/440/466UBC Music room 408The 8' is split into two "stops" that can be engaged separately or together. One controls the bass register, the other the treble.
HARPSICHORDUBCFlemish8'/8'/4'SingleBakemanG1-E6415/440UBC Music room 408Buff stop
HARPSICHORDUBC8'/8'/4'DoubleR&R (??)?440 onlyUBC Music room 338Lute stop, buff
FORTEPIANOUBCThomas & Barbara Wolff, Schantz copyF1-G6UBC Music room 413
HARPSICHORDUBCGermanDoubleCraig Tomlinson (after Zell??)C2-D6, short octave415/440UBC Old Aud room 404Buff stop (not regulated). Chris Bagan will check up on the specifics.
HARPSICHORDJesse ReadItalian8'/8'SingleWilliam James Unruh 1978One 8' 440, one 415UBC Music room 408Short octave: C F D G E A Bb B
HARPSICHORDEMVFlemishSingle (Concert V)
HARPSICHORDEMVItalian (small)Short octave
HARPSICHORDEMVFlemishMother-and-childJose's house
HARPSICHORDDoreen OkeFlemish (17th c.)DoubleYves Beaupre (after Vaudry)Doreen's house?
HARPSICHORDDoreen OkeFlemish (17th c.)SingleCraig Tomlinson (after Couchet)Short octave
HARPSICHORDDoreen OkeSingleWilliam van der Hoeven (after Cellestini)
HARPSICHORDEMVFlemishSingleDennis CaseOnly 415 at the moment; Ton may fix this, but may not.HodsonRecently inherited from Dennis Case estate. Needs work; Ton Amir will work on it in the summer.
CLAVICHORDEMVDennis Case 1979 (kit instrument)C2-C6Chris Bagan's houseRecently inherited from Dennis Case estate. Needs work on the action. Fretted, with short-octave tuning.

Specs of the Harpsichord carrying case: 16.75″ deep | 93″ tall | 41.25″ wide