Green College Events (Free)

For over five years, EMV has offered an annual series of free lecture-demonstrations at Green College at UBC, related to our season programming and designed to inform and grow our audience base. These events have been increasingly well-attended and have stimulated a dialogue between the organization and the local community regarding the wider context of our activities in the community.

Green College is a graduate residential college at the University of British Columbia, and also a society of scholars and intellectuals stretching around the world, including hundreds of former residents, associated faculty, and distinguished visitors. The College’s reach extends far beyond its stunning location on the edge of the UBC campus in Vancouver, Canada, where it is nestled on a forested cliff overlooking ocean and mountains. It is an ever-expanding community, ready to welcome those with a passion for the exchange of ideas and an interest in the cultivation of academic and creative connections. This founding ideal is reflected in the motto of the College’s coat of arms: “Ideas and Friendship.”

The College was founded in 1993, thanks to a gift from Dr. Cecil H. Green. The College has formal ties with Green Templeton College, a sister institution at Oxford University also endowed by Cecil Green, and with Massey College at the University of Toronto. It was established as a centre for advanced interdisciplinary scholarship, with a mandate, reflecting Cecil Green’s vision, to bring together disciplines across the University through non-curricular programs and collaborations, while also opening the University to the wider local community.

The College’s commitment to exceeding the ordinary limits of academic discourse and to providing a venue hospitable to constructive thinking on all fronts is captured in the College’s tagline “Creating New Horizons.” Special visitors are invited each academic year to enrich conversations at the College and on the UBC campus, both through regular series of interdisciplinary talks and the prestigious Cecil H. and Ida Green Visiting Professorship program. The College also hosts a Writer-in-Residence program. With rare exceptions, the College’s academic programming is open to the whole UBC community and the general public. The College welcomes those from both within and outside the University to join residents and members for dinner in the Great Hall.

Mark Vessey, PrincipalMark Vessey | Principal of Green College

Dr. Mark Vessey has been the Principal of Green College at UBC since July 1, 2008. Prior to his appointment as Principal, Dr. Vessey had a long history with the College, having previously served as Acting Principal in 1998/99, and as a Faculty Member of Green College since 1994. 

Dr. Vessey obtained his B.A. in English at the University of Cambridge and his D.Phil. in Ancient History at the University of Oxford. He came to UBC in 1989 as an I. W. Killam Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of English, and was appointed to a faculty position in that department in 1990. He held a Visiting Fellowship at All Souls’ College, Oxford, in 1997 and was Visiting Professor of Augustinian Studies at Villanova University in 2000. In 2001 he was awarded a Canada Research Chair in Literature / Christianity and Culture (renewed in 2005), and in 2005 won a Senior Killam Research Prize at UBC. Before taking up his position as Principal of the College, he served as Associate Head and Chair of the Graduate Program in English. He is a member of the UBC Senate, representing the Faculty of Arts, for the triennium 2008-11.

Dr. Vessey’s research focuses on processes of text-, canon- and discipline-formation in the Latin Christian culture of the later Roman Empire (4th to 6th centuries) and their role in the shaping of longer-term discourses and institutions of “western civilization,” particularly those associated with “literature.” He has published in the fields of Roman history, patristics, medieval studies, Latin and English Renaissance literatures, literary theory, and the history of the book. He is married to Dr. Maya Yazigi and they have a daughter, Leila.

2016-17 Green College Events


Tuesday September 13: Baroque Instrumental Recital

Alexander Weimann, harpsichord
Chloe Meyers, violin
Matthew Jennejohn, oboe
Beiliang Zhu, cello

Four members of the Pacific Baroque Orchestra offer a mixed recital of baroque chamber music.  The programme includes music by J.S. Bach, G.P. Telemann, Fontana, Vitali and Platti.

Tuesday November 22: Toque of the Town

Julie Fioretti, soprano
Patricia Lavail, recorder
Jay Bernfeld, gamba
Mike Fentross, theorbo

The Parisian ensemble “Fuoco e Cenere” offer a sampling of French baroque arias and instrumental music from their staged performance of “Toque of the Town” – a theatrical celebration and tantalizing tribute to the history of French gastronomy.

Tuesday January 24: Bach’s Musical Offering

Alexander Weimann, harpsichord
Chloe Meyers,violin
Soile Stratkauskas, flute
Beiliang Zhu, cello

The Musical Offering was initiated in 1747 when Frederick the Great, King Frederick II of Prussia, himself a superb flutist, gave to Bach a complicated theme upon which Bach improvised to the astonishment of all present. Within the next few weeks Bach perfected and presented to Frederick a composition which exhibits Bach’s boundless imagination and profound depth of expression in a brilliant set of canons and fugues, and a trio sonata that is without parallel in 18th-century chamber music, all based on this royal theme.